Big Chop Wash & Go

Wash & Go with


Rosemary, Emu & Peppermint Herbal Oil for growth.

Butter Cream Dreams

Honey & Marula Butter Creme Dreams for super moisturized hair

Cleanse Condition & Style

Easy 3 step process for moisturized hair.

Deep Conditioning Creme

Deep Conditioning Creme

Boy's Wash and Go

Wash and Go Curl Cleansing Creme Deep Conditioning Creme Curling Jelli

Marshmallow & Hibiscus Curling Jelli

Moisturized hair and defined curls with water and Curling Jelli

Child's Dry hair

Before Child's Pony Tail

Child's Hair After Curl Refresher

After Child's after water, Deep Conditioner and Curling Jelli

Curl Refresher

Curl Refresher

Dry Hair

Before Moisture Repair

Curl Refresher

After Curl Refresher

Starter Collection

Wash and Go with Curl Cleansing Creme, Deep Conditioning Creme and Curling Jelli.

Frizzy Hair

Before Frizzy Hair

Marshmallow & Hibiscus Curling Jelli

After Moisturized curls with Deep Conditioning Creme and Curling Jelli.