Three Ways To Keep Your Hair Moisturized

Summer months can be brutal on curly/kinky hair types. Many sistas would rather rock braids or weave due to extreme dryness from either hot and steamy summer months or bitterly cold winter months. Either way (wearing a weave or braids) keeping your hair moisturized and using the right techniques are both critical keys to retaining moisture levels in your hair.

1. Co-Washing Your Hair

Definition: Instead of using shampoo to clean your hair, use conditioner.

Co-Washing your hair is a simple method that any curly girl can utilize instead of shampooing. Kinky/Curly hair tends to become dryer than other hair types. Co-Washing more often and shampooing less often can definitely be a big plus. Co-Washing is great for dry or curly hair because it cleanses just enough without drying the strands out. There are two types of co-washing.

  • Using a product that is specifically labeled as a Cleaning Creme or Co-Wash.

These products are usually formulated with a mild surfactant (cleanser) and a lot of moisturizing and conditioning properties. This type of product mildly cleanses and moisturizes the hair at the same time. Co-Washing can be done at least every 2-3 days to prevent tangles,knots, breakage and dryness.

Try Lion's Mane Botanicals Curl Cleansing Creme, a gentle non-foaming natural hair cleanser that is formulated for curly, kinky and wavy hair types. It is formulated to nourish, condition and cleanse the hair while offering smoothness, shine and moisture to each strand.

  • Co-Washing your hair with a conditioner instead of washing your hair with a shampoo.

Using a creamy conditioner in your hair and lightly rinsing it out with cold water can keep your hair moisturized. When the hair is moisturized you should see less tangles and knots. This type of Co-Wash can also be done at least every 2-3 days to prevent tangles,knots, breakage and dryness.

2. Deep Condition Deep Condition and Deep Condition

Deep conditioning your hair is vital to having healthy hair. There two types of deep conditioners and they are interdependant on one another. Maintaing balence between both of them is the best strategy to avoid breakage. When moisture and protein is off balance breakage will ccur.

  • Moisturizing Deep Conditioners

  • Protein Deep Conditioners

Moisturizing Deep Conditioners can be used more often than Protein Deep Conditioners. Moisturizing Deep Conditioners hydrates hair strands, softens the cuticles, adds elasticity and boosts shine. Protein Condioners deposit structure and stregnth into the hair strands. I use a moisturizing deep conditioner weekly and a protein deep conditioner monthly. You can also alternate between the two each week. However you have to listen to your hair's needs and adjust your regime accordingly. Using heat (under a hooded dryer) during your Deep Conditioning Treatments is also vital to help penetrate the cuticle. Having color treated hair is another factor when considering how often to condition. Color treated hair needs more moisture.

Try Lion's Mane Botancials Deep Conditioning Creme. It deeply moisturizes and repairs dry thirsty hair. Our natural conditioner is made with rich botanicals that nourish and protect the hair while offering smoothness and luster

3. Using the L.O.C Method

The L.O.C Method (Liquid, Oil and Cream) is a technique that is used to retain moisture levels in curly/kinky hair types. It is also used to help with curl definition.

  • Apply water (Liquid).

  • Apply a natural (oil) such as Lion's Mane Botanicals Hair & Scalp Elixir or Lion's Mane Botanicals Argan Oil by smoothing oil on small sections of detangled hair at a time.

  • Apply a (cream) such as our Heavy Twisting Whipped Creme by smoothing it onto small sections of hair at a time.

Try incorporating all three methods into your regimen;-)

  • Step One -Co-Washing

  • Step Two - Deep Conditioning

  • Step Three - L.O.C Method

Check out Lion's Mane Botanicals Hair & Scalp Elixir or our 100% Pure Argan Oil to help seal in moisture.


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