Organic Premium Black Cumin Seed Oil | Undiluted | Cold Pressed



About the product

  • NATURAL UNREFINED COLD PRESSED IS PERFECT FOR ALL SKIN TYPES. Black seed oil makes the perfect all around daily skin moisturizer. Black seeds are your best option for clearing up your skin and giving it a soft, natural glow.
  • Our unrefined cold pressed Black cumin Seed Oil is has a spicy and pungent aroma.
  • UNREFINED COLD PRESSED PHARMACEUTICAL GRADE PROMOTES BEAUTIFUL, HEALTHY HAIR, One of the more popular uses of black seed oil is for hair restoration. Black seed oil promotes overall hair health. It's also proven to be useful as a natural remedy for premature graying and it also promotes hair follicle growth.
  • PROVIDES ANTI-INFLAMMATORY PROPERTIES. The anti inflammatory properties of black seeds make it one of the most ideal herbs. It's great for anything that's caused by inflammation.
  • Black Seed Oil is Pharmaceutical Grade. Pharmaceutical Grade is a higher grade than your regular Therapeutic Grade oils. This oil has been Cold Pressed, Black Seed Oil is also Unrefined, which is going to leave it in its most natural form, preserving its nutrients allowing it to give skin the greatest benefits. This Medical Grade Black seed Oil is going to help bring essential vitamins & nutrients required to revitalize both Hair & Skin.
  • For External Use Only - NOT FOR INGESTION. 


Ingredients: Black Cumin Seed (Nigella sativa L)

Black Cumin Seed Organic Oil