Educator, entrepreneur and mother, Rose Garner has always promoted using naturally resourced ingredients that promotes health and beauty.  In 2012 Rose became curious about her hair’s natural texture.  Her decision to transition her hair back to its natural state changed her life drastically. As Rose’s hair grew it became challenging to maintain. Having straight ends and kinky roots were very difficult, but she was determined not to turn back. It became an experiment that she knew would take months or perhaps years to completely see the results.


After a few short months and many long detangling sessions, Rose remembered how beautiful, long and luscious her great-grandmothers hair was. She recalled some of the natural ingredients that Madea used. As a child she secretly envied Madea’s   hair, but now Rose saw things differently. Rose began to consider genetics and realized that her genes should yield the same beautiful, long, luscious hair that her great-grandmother adorned. Rose researched a few of her great-grand mother’s natural ingredients and discovered that they were packed with powerful nutrients that were beneficial to the hair and skin.  As a result Rose began to develop formulas from her kitchen using ingredients from her cabinets and refrigerator. Her first product was a nutrient deep conditioning hair masque. After applying the masque Rose’s hair went from being unmanageable to being soft and coily. There were hundreds of tiny springy coils that took over her roots. She was AMAZED! Rose finally did the “Big Chop” in May 2013.








Strangers often asked “how did you get your hair that way? After hearing Rose’s story they’d offer to purchase her products.  Lion’s Mane Botanicals was created as a platform to help other women reveal, enhance and unleash their natural beauty though utilizing naturally resourced and eco-friendly products.  All of our products are pH balanced and are specially formulated to gently cleanse, balance and strengthen your beautiful tresses and skin. Our products work on all hair types, straight, wavy, curly, coily and kinky. We are committed to using plant based ingredients that are beneficial to the vitality of your hair and skin.